In House Graphic Design - Testimonials


"It was my lucky day to meet Orit Kramer at an Aptos Chamber Breakfast in Califorina. She far exceeded my expections when I hired her to design my brochures for my skin care business. Not only was she on time with every order, she encouraged me to be on time. Orit shows integrity in every aspect of her business. I highly recommend her. Orit is truly a part of my success!"
Patty Yarr
Aptos Village Skin and Body Care

“Working with In-House Graphic Design has been a great experience for our practice. Orit’s attention to detail and design “eye” are superb! Her exceptional customer service has guided us smoothly through the creation of both our practice brochure and several marketing pieces. We could have not done it without her!”
Molly Lion
Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital

“Orit Kramer is a stellar graphic designer. She possesses an innate artistic talent as well as a keen intellect which enables her to at once focus on minute details while still maintaining an eye on the big picture. She listened carefully to our needs, researched our project thoroughly, and developed a graphic solution which synthesized just the right balance of traditional and progressive concepts. She worked closely with our architect to ensure that her design interfaced well with the office color scheme as well as the overall aura of our space. She interviewed several printers in our local area to ensure that the end product of our stationery system would meet her high standards of quality at a reasonable cost. In all, Orit demands perfection from herself as well as from those that she recruits to the project to produce an outstanding product. We really enjoyed working with her and will continue to call upon her to produce our graphic design projects.”
Ken Fisher
DVM, East End Veterinary Medical Centre, P.C.
Pittsburgh, PA

“Now that the book is published, and I keep getting comments on how wonderful it looks, its time I turn the compliments to their true owner: you! As the sole designer of the book, your mission was nearly impossible: to transform complicated and abstract ideas in philosophy of biology into graphic illustrations which will both clarify the text and make it reader-friendly. Your success in making the book appealing to new audiences had to do first and foremost with your own artistic talent, but it was also due, I believe, to the deep way you listen, and the accurate - yet gentle - way you apply your aesthetic judgment. To conclude, I truly enjoyed working with you and I can't thank you enough for the result.”
Ayelet Shavit (Ph.D.)
Department of Philosophy and Centre for Population Biology
University of California, Davis